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Robert Stone, on his writing ethic (via sirui)

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I’m very perfectionistic and very lazy, which is a terrible combination.


*stay positive and think abt ya mans dick to avoid a bad mood*

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I want some ho to come for my man so we can resolve the issue by performing a duet of The Boy Is Mine. 

Do you have a man though?


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The Day It All Changed… for the Better

The shiny red Dodge Avenger purred with a faint hum all the way back to our hometown that afternoon. It was the first time any of us had been back for quite some time. Still a little groggy from our naps, we attempted to exchange childhood memories over the annoying soft noise of radio music. All of the kids sat in the car anxious as momma drove the car with a calm ease. Shaun in the front; Neko, my lady Ariel, and I in the back. Memories of this and that echoed through the interiors— our younger days growing up in the heart of small town Maywood, IL were both often filled with awe and perplexity.

But as we pulled up to our extended family’s house, we all took a deep breath and admitted to ourselves, without saying one word: things would never be the same. We knew this was the last time we would all be in the same car, driving through the old neighborhood, drinking the same Kool-Aid. We are so different now. We are men. And momma found her wings again. We knew this would be the last time, for a while.

Last Saturday, July 19, 2014, my twin brother Neko Harris (@nekofutgty) experienced one of the happiest moments of this life: he married his longtime love Eleshia Simms (@eleshia_lee). This special day marked the start of new beginnings and growth for our family. It was surreal watching the man I shared the womb with step into the next dimension of his life. However, I know God gave him a partner that loves him whole-heartedly and unconditionally. What more can anyone ever ask for?

photographer: Quinnton Harris

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Finally getting a prescription for this damn acid reflux. Other than that, my doctor says that the weight loss has made me healthier than I’ve been in about 4 years. Cool.


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